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Welcome To Ohio K9 Ranch

So, I've decided to finally jump into this whole Dog Business thing. Most people that know me would say "About Time!". And when I came clean about my plan to start a business this is exactly the comment I got. I tend to feel things happen for a reason. Maybe there's a reason I waited awhile before deciding to make the Big Grand Move. Sometimes things just needed to fall into place the way they do.

A few things I'm hoping to provide for people and their four legged loved ones. I want to provide training that helps you to build a relationship with your dog so there is no confusion! I want your dog to not only understand what you ask of him/her but, to get them to WANT to listen to you and WANT to engage with you! I also want to provide a commitment to my clients that we are all family and that I will be there to help them with their pets. Through all the fun puppy stages, the new home or the new addition's to your family. I want to hear all the embarrassments our dogs put us through, All the laughter, sweat and tears. I want to be a part of it. I want to help you and your dog to grow to be the best friend you and your family have hoped for.

This is the beginning! I'm so excited to move forward from here and hope so many of you will be joining me on my new adventures!!! I have so many new ideas racing through my brain. With time and hard work, those ideas will start to come together. Ohio K9 Ranch will be offering so much more to you then just training dogs. Scent work, Service, Breeding, Nutrition....

Ok, I'm getting ahead of myself, that stuff is for a later date! ;) Join me on this journey and I promise there will be so much for you to learn.

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