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      In 2006, I decided to dive headfirst into the life of Dog Training. With the help of my parents I enrolled into National K9 Learning Center’s 6 Week Advanced Training Course. Here it was, I had found my passion And I have not looked back since.

      Shortly after my certification through school, I moved to St. Petersburg, Florida. I spent 9 years training, in-home dog training.  At this time, I studied, and I trained. I learned how to not only communicate with dogs, but I learned how to communicate with people as well. There are two sides to a leash, the dog & the handler. I’ve learned it’s about being able to communicate with both and facilitating communication between them.

Over the course of those 9 years, I’ve trained thousands and thousands of dogs. I’ve trained all breeds and all ages, I’ve done Puppy Development, Housebreaking, and On & Off Leash Obedience. I’ve been able to successfully modify many behavioral Issues such as: aggression, separation anxiety, fear and skittishness.  I have also had the honor of training many Service Dogs for those in need. Some of those areas of focus were: Diabetes Alert, PTSD, Retrieval & performance of multiple tasks for those who have stability issues or are unable to get around.

     In January of 2015, I came back to my roots. Columbus Ohio! For the next five years I would spend more time yet again, studying, training and continuing to learn and grow as a trainer and as a teacher to both human and canine alike.

I have years of experience training your dog in your home and my home. I have had many dogs stay in my home for training and I have also trained dogs in a kennel environment. Along with all these years of training experience I have also taken a handful of seminars to learn new styles of training and have even done seminars on communication with humans as well, seeing as training the dog is only half of the job. I’ve also been equipped to manage and train other trainers in the art of dog training.

       During the crazy year of 2020, I have decided it is time that I move on to working with clients one on one with no middleman involved. I want to take all this training experience I have been given and combine it in a way to communicate with you and your dog. I want to build a family friendly relationship with my clients and their families, both 2 legged and four. I’m hoping that my past clients whom I have kept in touch with over the years continue to be a part of this family that I am building. My heart & soul are truly in this for the love and passion I have for all the canines in the world. I hope you see these things through me and choose me to join you on your journey with your four-legged loved ones.

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